Saturday, October 22, 2011

Philippine Poverty

Ang tagal na nitong blog entry ko na ito sa isa kong blog. mga year 2008 pa ata or 2007. 
Repost lng.

          "Philippine poverty cannot be the result of a growing population but rather the outcome of corruption in both government and business sectors "

Just red it on Mr. Jose C. Sison's column on PhilStar's " A law each day- keeps the trouble away. I wanna give comments on this.

Its true. Very true.

Poverty is not the outcome of a growing nos. of people but rather the result of those croco's livin it up their lives on both said parties.

Corruption has lead our country in its more dreaded condition. It led us degraded on our necessities like Education, Public works and so the likes.

The amount that was supposed to fall down on these departments falls under the bellies of these more growing numbers of crocos in the government and in the private sectors.

Such a very disgusting Rulers in this democratic Inferno, I think.


          " We are not poor because we are many , but because only a few wittingly or unwittingly deprive our kababayans of opportunities to prosper "

Tuna Carbonara

1/2 kg of Fettucini / Spaghetti or pasta of choice
1 can of Tuna - any brand of choice ( I do prefer Century Tuna bcos of its flakes )
1cup mayo - brand of choice ( Lady's Choice is good..really )
1 can Evaporated Milk ( I prefer Carnation )
1/2 can Button Mushrooms ( sliced or halves )
Quickmelt Cheese
Onions - minced
Garlic Minced
Ground Pepper ( White or any variant you prefer )
Salt to taste

note : The quatity of each items are optional. You may add more of anything to your desired taste.

Now..Procedure :

In a boiling water mix in few drops of oil and a pinch of salt then cook pasta into desired texture and rinse.
Heat oil in a pan, Saute onions, garlic.
Mix in Mayo and Milk.bring to a boil until desired thickness.
Add Tuna and Mushroom...Gradually strirring add quickmelt cheese until the cheese blends well in the sauce.
Add salt and pepper to taste..not to put too much salt since the pasta was already salted and the white sauce is already with cheese.
I usually add a pinch of sugar for sweetness..since Mayo is quite sour.
Set aside some sauce then put the cooked pasta over. Mix pasta and white sauce until blended well.
In a plate put the pasta,top with remaining sauce, serve with a freshly heated garlic bread.
Note : To achieve the Al Dente Pasta, take a bite of the cooked pasta..if the middle part is quite crunchy take it off the boiling water, then put in a basin with tap water. Rinse then set aside. Serving , you may also top the pasta in a plate with cheese.

this is my first time to put some recipe in my blog. I'm no expert in the kitchen but I know how to cook some.


Hiniram ko lna po ung pic...ala kasi akong magandang camera..
Pero ung recipe...akin na akin...

Gawa kaya ulit ako nito???

Drawing & Painting has been such a part of my life. Here's one of my paintings entitled " Life ". Done in Faber Castell Color Pencils ( nice brand of pencils I've tried so far - mag-endorse daw ba? ) in Simple Paper. Hpoe youl like it.

ala kasi akong magawa..ayan...

Graveyard na lang lagi

well, I'm not complaining...

nakakaantok nga lng...

I was still thinking kung anong klaseng blog ang gagawin ko...

Diary Blog ba???



Current News???




ah basta...hangga't wla pang maisip...lagay na lang ng lagay...


Ingat kau lagi..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bye na ko....

Pauwi na ko..

Mejo nangangarag pa ko sa bagong blogsite ko...

pero i think keri-boom-boom ko to...

Atashi pa ba???

Gora na muna ako...

then mamayang 10pm back to work....

andback in here...


Anong meron???

Wala lang..

dami ko kasing sinusubaybayan dito...

kawawa naman ung isang blog site ko...


gagawin ko nalng gaming blog un...

tas ito na lng ung major major blog ko...

tutal nagmuka nang palengke and multiply... home ako..

Cgeh...welcome me here...

Welcome Myself to the Blogspot World!!! pak pak pak