Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 20

just recently read the issue of Healthy Options March/April 2007 and My eyes focused on other poeples top 20 favorite moments, things and persons ( pg. 8-10 pls ) But since its too late to send my own top 20, what does my blogger account do? So here it is , In random sampling.

1. Chocolates (prefer Hersey's Kisses and Tobleron pero ok na kahit chocnut pa yan)

2. Coffee - I preder of my own mix since my friends say that I got a good talent in making my coffee, So divine and caffelicoius according to one.)

3. Pillows. -I love those soft cuddlies, ung daw kasi ung pumupuno ng kawalan ng kasama sa        kama  

4. Newspapers and Mags and Books. I love to read. It gives lots of info's in my brain.I love books like those by Jessica Zafra and Bob Ong. Newspeeps' specially PhilStar. And Mags like Healthy Options, Readers Digest and National Geographic.Oh never forget FHM and the Cosmo.

5. Butterflies - I got lots of them specially in spring time. Once I filled our house with lots of butterflies made if plastic folders and it turned out the way I wanted it.Bonggang Bongga talaga

6. My E-mail Add. - Keeps me updated to everything.

7. My Accounts in the World Wide Web like Facebook, Deviantart, Planet Romeo, at itong Blogger.

8. My Holy Pencils, Divine Pieces of Drawing Papers, and My drawing  paraphernalias (I paint and its my passion. Isa sa mga stress buster ko to.)

9. Mellow Songs. Like "It Might Be You" and "More than you'll ever Know". Sooooo Senti.

10. My Fave Diva " Regine Velasquez ". She rocks when she sings those High Pitch Belting Songs. No matter' if its revival or her own.

11. I love my friends, and they quite a lot.

12. Amanpulo - The best destination for me to go.

13. Smiles - ung pag labas mo palang ng bahay sa umaga, me nakangiti pagkakita sau, plus factor pa kung fafalicious un.

14. I love the fine drizzles in the evening. It makes me more emotionally inloved.

15. The laughter of our neighbors children, you will think that no matter how hard  it is to live, I still see hope everytime they laugh innocently.

16. Dulce de Leche Ice Creams......such divine dessert, isn't?

17. Plants....yes I love plants, I picture myself having my own version of the "Fernwood Gardens". 

18. Furs...faux one, My consicience might attack if I'll be having those original ones. Imagine those cuddly creatures skinned, such unhumane thing right?

19. The fine sunshine every early in the morning.

20.Si ano....ahihihihi....kinikilig nman ako...c Paolo..haha di makaget-over sa dating post..

Ayan na sya....gawa din kau...nung ginawa ko, parang mas lalo kong nakilala ung sarili ko.

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